Can Feel Better - massage therapy in Northampton

Can Feel Better – Massage therapy in Northampton

Welcome to Can Feel Better page. This is massage salon in Northampton, which provides various massage treatments.

We live in very busy stressful life these days, it is necessary that we dedicate some time to treat our selves. If you feel stressful, anxious or feel tightness in your muscles you definitely Can Feel Better by visiting my massage salon in Northampton. I hope to see you soon.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Arthur. I provide qualified massage therapy treatments for Can Feel Better in Northampton. I have diploma in Swedish massage techniques, hot and cold stone massage and kinesio taping. I am member of Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

I work continuously as massage therapist for last 16 months and I am quite happy with job I do and plan to continue my professional development. I believe that massage treatment can relax clients physically and mentally and they feel better straight away. I hope to see in Can Feel Better salon very soon!

Swedish Massage
Swedish back, neck and shoulders massage
30 min.
Swedish full body massage
60 min.
Cold stone massage
Cold stone back, neck and shoulders massage
30 min.
Cold stone full body massage
60 min.
Hot stone massage
30 min.
Hot stone full body massage
60 min.
Bee Hive, Harborough road,
Kingsthorpe. Northampton. NN2 8LR
Monday - Friday     10.00 - 12.00
Saturday               10.00 - 14.30
The best and the most relaxing experience ever. And with me having long term back problems those massage sessions is what keeps me going. Highly recommended!
I really enjoyed Swedish massage by Arthur. He made me feeling very relaxed and and calm. I will definitely come again for a treatment x
The perfect balance of releasing muscle tension and relaxation. I left feeling great with all my aches and pains banished. I would highly recommend to anyone.